Your Daily Bloodletting


The economic news also was torture today…so much in fact that the Stock Market swan-dived into a surgical sponge left floating in an ashtray of despair…but I get ahead of myself!

Both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae see possibly another 12 billion dollars or more in losses, with widespread 2008 New Year “scenes of people being forcibly evicted from their homes with all their furniture tossed out upon the front lawns.”

Yeah! Yard sales galore!

The blog, Scholars and Rogues, flatly states that Bush’s bailout for hopeful homeowners is already a hopeless enterprise.

HR Block, the tax preparers, saw their quarterly earnings drop from, say, the cockpit of a 747 cruising at 32,000 feet into the bullseye of the heliopad on the White House grounds… Not to be outdone, as mentioned above, by the death-defying plunge of the Stock Market this afternoon into its own form of waterboarding.

It’s enough to ask Lord Ruthven to share his terminal bed with you–with rounds of hot brandy Please!

2 Responses to “Your Daily Bloodletting”

  1. masteroftheuniverse Says:

    Seems like a good time to be short WM, short the S&P, and long bonds.


  2. dr. polidori Says:

    But don’t tell anyone, okay?

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