Your Daily Bloodletting


BLACK MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where to begin…where to begin…?

While Americans were “enjoying” their January holiday dedicated to the memory of a socialist crusader for human rights, and America’s stock market was respectfully closed while all those capitalist traders were off pondering socialist ideals and thinking about how they can better promote human rights in the New Year…

I think I better start again.

While Americans were chomping their fingernails, wondering how they would be finding the moola for their next ballooning mortgage payment after pilfering from under their couch cushions and frisking grandma and her underwear drawer, and while capitalist traitors were drinking themselves into oblivion in Grand Islip, pondering a future that might indeed be dark and bleak…

…all hell broke loose on the world’s markets like the advent of the Beast foretold by John of Revelations…

The Asia stock markets began to crash immediately upon opening and just kept on falling. That crashing sound from Japan, China, India etc. only gained crescendo as stock market after stock market went down around the world like they haven’t gone down since those airplanes soared into the World Trade Centers and made them implode just like demolition exhibitions. England’s FTSE, for instance, saw its worst losses since 9/11 while Germany’s DAX had its greatest drop in its history.

Why? you may ask innocently (never having read my previous posts on this blog).

Because even the Wall Street Journal is now seeing a deep depression recession looming for the United States, a recession so deep (which used to be called using ordinary English–oh my god!–a “depression”) that it has not been previously experienced within the lifetimes of many now living and foraging for change in their davenports and siphoning gas from their neighbors’ abandoned SUVs…

What is the solution to stop this disaster, which has some analysts now predicting that some communities in the United States “won’t be able to flush their toilets because they can’t afford the services”?

Well, one thing is for certain, if the world markets today are any indication President George W. Bush’s “stimulus plan” announced late last week to a general chorus of disappointment is not it!

Here’s a thought: How about America invading Iran leaving Iraq instead? I think the world markets would get a good bounce from that…

UPDATE: Markets have now opened in Asia and for the second day of the week they continue their descent into the abyss.


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