Your Daily Bloodletting


It’s a Sad Day.

Heath Ledger, the Brokeback lover and Joker of Batman, is dead.

Capitalism is dead in its last throes…

Or at least, the Federal Reserve is apparently afraid of that prognosis, having cut interest rates today in an emergency attempt at resuscitating the plummeting World markets–something they have never seen fit to do to the same degree in the past 23 years!

You remember the old saw about America sneezing and the rest of the World catching a cold?

Well, what happens when America goes into cardiopulmonary economic arrest?

Does the World then commit suttee like a grieving Indian housewife upon the funereal pyre of her husband? We may be about to find out… But meanwhile the wife is spending all the life insurance money in some sad/happy kind of expectation of impending gloom pending the bonfire…

Those old Socialists, the dreary lot, are wagging their scolding fingers like the ghosts at every good banquet and saying I told you so!

They are especially unwelcome at Capitalism’s wake…but there they are

And The Joker then appears, only it ain’t Heath Ledger any more!

And Cassandra hardly has to use her powers of prophesy to know what’s ultimately in store for Troy, New York, and the rest of the World!

Let’s pretend, why don’t we? that nothing actually happened yesterday, last week, last month, last year, and that we are still in silly fear and loathing of the Y2K disaster that never happen because Time had suddenly stopped still on its Time’s Square dial, the balloons and confetti still in their nets and baskets.

Let’s just pretend, okay?


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