Your Daily Bloodletting


The poor in America haven’t recovered from the losses they suffered during the last economic recession…don’t you just love Capitalism? (I know I do!)

Meanwhile, IBM (as previously reported on this blog earlier today) has somehow finagled record profits but intends to not share any of it with their employees and even plan to cut their employees basic pay; whilst complete loser executives, like those at WaMu (who have almost bankrupt their bank), are still receiving their million dollar bonuses so they won’t have to go without caviar and their vacation homes in Maui!…don’t you just love the generosity of Capitalists? (Makes my own heart go pitter-pat.)

In Davos today, business leaders had the gall to criticize the Federal Reserve, and one of them (George Soros) is almost sane.

But the Invisible Hand in the Markets today was doing some card and pony tricks…the Stock Market soared up over 300 points but only because there are serious rumors that the insolvent bond insurers are going to be bailed out by the U.S. taxpayers (i.e. the middle class and the poor, remember, who haven’t yet recovered from the last recession) which bail out will save all the banks from probable insolvency and ensure good multi-million dollar bonuses for the banks’ top brass next year and the year after…

Don’t you just love the way Capitalists are adamantly opposed to government bailouts of other people?

I know I do.


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