Your Daily Bloodletting


dr. polidori was mis-diagnosed with a fatal medical problem this past weekend, which diagnosis caused him to sorrowfully climb into bed with Lord Ruthven. But then the actual radiologist’s report made leap out again, resurrected from a veritable tomb as it were…

Sorry, but the same cannot be said of our ailing economy which like the people of Iraq is apparently still in its last throes! One financial expert in that regard set off wails and big orders of sack cloth yesterday (the ashes to be provided by self-immolations of the bond trader’s wives). You see, S and P is mulling 500 billion in mortgage downgrades, while the Feds cut interest rates for the second time in 8 days (which is the financial equivalent of open chest heart massage).

But never fear, Shell Oil just announced “‘obscene’ profits of 27.6 billion dollars” while the ranks of the homeless continue to grow exponentially.

You really have to read the article about the economic stimulus package of 1929. It’s so important that I put it in a separate post below.

Ah, read it!!!

The Barons of Shell Oil are, no doubt, now sighing with Mdme. de Pompadour: “After us, the deluge!”


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