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Do you feel more female than usual lately?

8 February 2008

Have you started your periods too early in life? Watched your gonads shivel to pea-size? Completely changed your sex (like alligators and Michael Jackson)? Or come down with unusual hormone-based cancers? The reason may very well be this!


Suicide Avatars with Belt Bombs: US Sees Second Life as Significant “Terrorist Threat”

8 February 2008


as well as anything else they don’t operate behind the scenes or otherwise control outright…

Jarvik Heart Pioneer Lies, Commits Fraud on Behalf of Lipitor

8 February 2008

Makes millions, sells drug, pretends to row a boat, becomes TV celebrity!

Election Commentary

7 February 2008


Flip of switch cuts off testimony, secrets, truth

6 February 2008

And it ain’t some strange science fiction movie or futuristic thriller or an expose of the desperate tyranny of the old USSR! Oh no…

da Nile! Billionaire claims he’s not wealthy…oh no, not really!

6 February 2008


According to the Wall Street Journal Billionaire Stephen Schwartzman sets “possible new record” in wealth dissembling and lying…

Satellite Spotters

5 February 2008

New candidates for Gitmo?

Fourth Time in a Week Midde East Undersea Internet Cables Cut

5 February 2008


Who is doing it and why?

Willie Nelson freaking…

5 February 2008

But quite understandably after the past ten years!

9/11 Widows’ Pissed!

5 February 2008

Want new investigation that doesn’t white-wash White House involvement…