NOTICE: TB Hiatus (No Joke)

12 February 2008


dr. polidori recently was diagnosed with latent TB infection, courtesy of one of his fine students, who began coughing up blood for Christmas. Because of this latent TB infection and sero-conversion, the local health department has put dr. polidori on mandatory treatment with isoniazid 300mg for the next nine months. Among the not uncommon side effects of taking this drug are: psychosis, depression, dangerous elevations of blood pressure, blindness, fatal hepatitis, and (last but not least) not being able to eat many of his favorite foods and alcoholic drinks! He must now upon threat of arrest take a dangerous white pill each and every day, see his doctor and go to the hospital for blood work each and every month plus be examined by an ophthalmologist every other month.

While dr. polidori is not happy with this regimen and has sadly decided to at least temporarily stop updates at Aboulia Cafe until his new TB aboulia is in complete remission, he is really pleased not to be having to watch so closely (on your behalf) the Mexican train wreck of the American economy or the current antics of the Presidential campaign, which in his estimation is bound to turn out badly no matter whomever is elected… So while you may continue to stare in fascination as the dusty little ambulance winds its way up the dusty little road and finally arrives at the bloody carnage on the tracks to take away any rich people (leaving everyone else to expire of their injuries, along with the sunlight, in the yucca forest of Third World poverty), dr. polidori will be nursing himself in the sanatorium of his own mind, popping a pill each and every morning for the next nine months upon threat of a masked health worker accompanied by a pistol-totting police officer shoving same pill down his throat with the aid of a physician’s spatula.

The horror! The horror!



dr. polidori’s free weekend movie: Michael Moore’s SiCKO!

8 February 2008

Yes! It’s True! Winner of the Critics’ Best Documentary Award, nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary. You can watch SiCKO free this weekend! Preview:

It’s the whole damn movie (albeit with Turkish subtitles) here!

(Highly Recommended!)

Your Daily Bloodletting

8 February 2008


Weak January retail sales were the worst they’ve been in almost forty years!

Bellowing in the tar pits, consumer confidence keeps sinking lower…

University of Michigan predicts the recession will be “much longer than usual” (whatever that means)!

But never fear: architects of the mortgage meltdown are reveling in Vegas. But it’s a sad/happy kind of celebration. Like when the comely lap-dancer pukes in your drink!

Funeral horses stampede, overturn hearse

8 February 2008


More weird news from Britain! “It was dreadful,” reported one eyewitness.

What’s with News from Britain Today?

8 February 2008


50% of British men would swap sex for 50 inch TV screens…

Do you feel more female than usual lately?

8 February 2008

Have you started your periods too early in life? Watched your gonads shivel to pea-size? Completely changed your sex (like alligators and Michael Jackson)? Or come down with unusual hormone-based cancers? The reason may very well be this!

Even More Strange Happenings in Britain!

8 February 2008

House for sale comes with owner hanging in the closet.

Suicide Avatars with Belt Bombs: US Sees Second Life as Significant “Terrorist Threat”

8 February 2008


as well as anything else they don’t operate behind the scenes or otherwise control outright…

Jarvik Heart Pioneer Lies, Commits Fraud on Behalf of Lipitor

8 February 2008

Makes millions, sells drug, pretends to row a boat, becomes TV celebrity!

“Holy Crap! This is Really Scary!”

8 February 2008

Direct quote from Canadian who fears he has discovered the long-sought after but never found perpetual motion machine…